Full Sleeve Polynesian Tattoo

full sleeve polynesian tattoo Full Sleeve Polynesian Tattoo
how many hours would you “estimate” this tattoo will take?

here is a link to the pic/tattoo.


ive been told 40 + hours and as low as only 10 hours…. what do you think?
please try to give a close estimate on your knowledge of the question and not some smart remark.

Oh man. That’s a tattoo that is hard to get an estimate. Obviously its gonna be a more than a one day job. You’re probably looking around 30 hours. But it could months to get its completely finished. Tattoo artists don’t like to work around fresh tattoos for at least a week or two. So you’d get a portion of it done the first time, wait a week, a portion of it done the second time, wait a week, and so forth. I know it sounds dreadful but if its something you really want, its worth it. Trust me.

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